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frequently asked questions regarding the Brush Packs

The brushes packs are mainly available for Procreate at the moment. Therefor you would need to use an iPad with Procreate or an iPhone with Procreate Pocket.
I do offer certain Brush Packs for Affinity Designer, which is available for iOS and Windows!

Please reach out to me via email Info@snoozeone.com or via the contact form at the bottom of this page. I will investigate the situation. In most cases there is a typo in the email address or it landed in the spam folder.

I offer Brush Packs for different Programs. At the moment mainly for Procreate which is only available for iOS, but I do offer Brush Packs for Affinity Designer as well. Affinity Designer can be used on iOS and Windows.

You agree to skip the 14 days cancellation period during the check out, since you cannot really return digital goods.

Should you not able to use the brushes, for example due to technological issues, please reach out to me Info@snoozeone.com or via the contact form below, and we find a solution.

For a guide on how to install the brushes, install the color swatches or import the backgrounds please check the detailed guide.

I am sorry to hear you lost all your brushes! If you should not have an account and are not able to find the email with the download link, please reach out to me via email (Info@snoozeone.com) or via the contact form below, and I will make sure you get a new download link for your packs.

It depends. I offer two types of licenses. A “Personal” license for personal projects and a “Commercial” license for the use for products for sale. 

Read more in detail about the license here.

If you bought the brushes already you do not need to buy them again.
If you got them from my website, you could use the same download link in your email or account to download the updated files.

If you got the brushes before November 2021, you download link is no longer valid. You will receive an email with a download link when the update is released.

If you got the brushes from CreativeMarket.com or DesignCuts.com the update will available there as well and you can download the files over there.

You most probably need to adjust your colors. You will find a detailed explanation in the Brush Pack Manual that came with the download. You can also watch the YouTube video on this.

If this does not solve your problem, you need to check your Procreate Version. The brushes are using features which came with the Procreate 5 update. Go to your gallery and tap on the Procreate Logo to check your version and if you would need to update your program.

If this does not work check in the “Actions” Tab in the Procreate Menu (Wrench Icon). Make sure the “Dynamic brush scaling” is turned on!

Please check the “Actions” Tab in the Procreate Menu (Wrench Icon). Make sure the “Dynamic brush scaling” is turned on!

I added a lefty version to the 3D Pack with an update! You find in inside the “Brush-Set” folder next to the right-handed version.

Rough Pack 2 Example pieces

Still have questions?

Reach out to me and I am happy to help!

In case you are having technical problems: Tablet, Procreate Version, Apple Pencil Version, iOS version ...