Installing Procreate Brushes

In this article I am going to explain you how you can install procreate brushes.

You will recieve a .zip file! Which means you need to unpack it first. The brushes are saved in a .brushset file in the “Content” folder

You have these two options:

You download it on your PC

1. Step – Unpack the files:

On a windows PC

1. Download the brushes on your Computer.

2. Locate the .Zip file in Explorer and Right-click the file, and then select “Extract All” from the pop-up menu.

On a Mac:

1. Double click the .zip file to unzip it, then search for the product folder or product file.

In case you should have problems with that you might need to use a programm like “7Zip” or “WinRAR”.

2. Step – Transfer the files to your iPad

To transfer the files to your ipad you can use Cloud Spaces like Dropbox, google drive etc.

For this example we are going to use DropBox.

2. Open the Dropbox app on your iPad and find the folder your saved the file.

3. Tap on the rush set files and tap on the small […] icon and tap “Export” -> Open In… -> Copy to procreate!

  1. The brushset is now added at the top of your brush library
You download it on your iPad

Since the iPad does not have a preinstalled app to unpack such files, you need to install an app to complete this task.

You can use apps like “FE File Explorer, ZipApp Free or iZip on your ipad. For this example we are going to use the app “FE File Explorer”

1. Download and install “FE File Explorer”

2. Download the files on your iPad. Locate the downloaded file and open it.

You will see this preview:

3. Tap on “Open in FileExplorer”

This window will pop up asking you where to save it. Click on local and save it.

4. Click on the downloaded zip file and on “Unarchive”

5. Go into the unziped file and search under *brushpackname*/ Content/ *brushpackname*.brushet
Click on the small […] and tap “open with procreate.

  1. The brushset is now added at the top of your brush library

I also made a video on this process on youtube:

Still having problems with the installation process? Send me an email to and I love to help you out.