“Mix Things Up” – Original Artwork

What may look like toothpaste to some people, is acrylic paint.
This piece was finger painted with a mix of various acrylic colors on an A4 216gsm black paper.

The idea to write with my finger came back in 2020 when I needed to do something different while staying home all day during the lockdown. Since then, I made three of those fingerpaint lettering pieces and this is the third one of them.

Working on a matt background makes the colors stand out more from the paper. The texture and mixture of colors create mesmerising details. You seem to find new details each time you look at it.

The artwork is signed and embossed with the logo, which adds especially on the black background a decent finish touch to it.

Certificate of authenticity for the "Mix things up" original artwork

The artwork comes with a signed, embossed and sealed certificate of authenticity.