T-Shirt Edition 2021

Client: Personal Project Year: 2021

In September 2021 I released my second limited edition of handprinted t-shirts.

This ongoing project is very near to me since printing t-shirts was one of the things that got me into calligraphy. I build myself a little screen-printing shop in my attic back in 2015 and started to print my own letterings on t-shirts.

With this edition I wanted to push it further than the project in 2019. I found more quality raws to print on with 100% organic cotton. This project was all about the process for me, everything was made in my studio. I compared this idea with Instagram live streams of the printing sessions and polls, to give as much insight and involvement in the process as possible. Each Shirt received one piece of the artwork to give away one essential piece of the process.

Every T-Shirt was handprinted by me in my studio.

The Idea was to create one designs that was a bit more complex and graphic and the other more simple and clean. It ended up to be a two colored design on a white t-shirt and a one colored design on a black t-shirt.

Each shirt was hand-embellished with a tag.

Each shirt was numbered in the neck print.

In the end, to top it all off, I cut the “It’s gonna pay off” original artwork into 70 pieces and each t-shirt got an individual label with the piece.