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Quick ideas to spice up your work

How to add a Flame effect to your letters:

This is the follow up of a series I started last year called “spicy letters”, with a collection of guides on how to work with those styles.

In this blog post we are going to talk about the flame or the fire effect.
That is easily one of my favourites and it’s actually not that hard to work with!

What you will need:

You can either do this with traditional tools as well as digital, like on your iPad.

• Pencil
• Lettering Tool of your choice
• Someway to trace your letters (like a window or a tracing table/ pad)

• A tablet or you work on your Pc
• a drawing program (like procreate or photoshop etc.)

First Step

Add a basic grid to your canvas.
This will help you place your letters and keep an even layout. A basic grid with rows and a middle axis. I also like to draw a rough shape around the grid, to have something I can orientate on later in the process and to help the composition.

Second Step

Drop in your letters.
You can use any style and any lettering tool of your choice. Going with a simple one makes it a bit easier in the beginning! I am using procreate with the “Brush Pen” brush from my snooze basics pack.

Third Step

For the next step, lower the oppacity of the layer, turn on your tracing tablet or press your paper against a window. We are going to start tracing and adding the flames! 🔥

Quick tip on how to draw the flames:

Start drawing this basic curved like shape.

After that you add more details to the flame

Just to give you an idea, but as you can see I did not sticked to that pattern myself in the sketch.
Continue to do this on all the letters and you are done.

And that’s it!

I hope you like this quick Idea on how you can spice up your work! Feel free to comment if you have any further questions or have any feedback 🤙
If you are going to try out this idea tagg #howtosnooze on instagram and I will check it out!