Foot Locker EU

Client: Foot Locker Agency: Gravity Road
Year: 2024
Type: Advertising

Gravitity Road were on the look out for creative social media content for Foot Locker to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Nike TNs! We developed a concept using experimental lettering with a letters made out of shoeboxes!

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behind the scenes
close up shot
close up shot
close up shot

—the process

First Ideas

In the first step I explored various ways to build the letters, drawing inspiration from elements closely associated with sneakers or the iconic striped branding of Foot Locker. Such as crafting the letters from miniature shoeboxes, creatively incorporating shoelaces, or forming the lettering with Foot Locker’s branded bags. Ultimately, the client was particularly impressed with the idea of integrating the branded bags and the small shoeboxes into the lettering, leading us to combine these elements.

first ideas
Process shot

Constructing the Letters

We ended up constructing the letters using old shoeboxes, experimenting with various techniques to creatively use the cardboard.

Final Set-Up

For the final design, I arranged the letters on a black anniversary shoe box that was folded open, flanked by two TNs at the sides. To reintroduce Foot Locker’s brand identity, I incorporated small striped bars and added the Foot Locker bag on the side. Surrounding the lettering, I placed miniature shoeboxes featuring a diverse range of shoe brands available at Foot Locker, adding a delightful level of detail to the piece.

behind the scenes

1.208.300+ Views

This creative campainge reached 1.208.300+ views across TikTok and Instagram, outperforming 90% of the on TikTok and 91% of the last 100 shared videos on Instagram of the brand account in views alone (as of 10.03.24).

Lettering reading "the heart of sneakers" build out of shoeboxes.